Moca Lab
  • Device is undergoing clinical validation procedure at Italian Health Institution
  • Mobile Care Systems research is partially financed by a national R&D program

MoCaWatch is your guardian angel

MoCaWatch communicates via Bluetooth with a common mobile phone, and requests the phone to send an alarm when an emergency situation arises.

The alarm (an SMS text message or a pre-recorded voice call) can be sent to a call-center able to manage the request and/or to a special list of phone numbers: for example user relatives, friends, a physician, ...

Any user can send an alarm pushing a button or stop an automatic alarm if an intervention is not necessary. This way, undesired interventions can be avoided

  • Utilizzabile su CellulareUsable on Phone
  • Utilizzabile su PalmareUsable on Palm
  • RicaricabileRechargeable